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I am using WASD but the controls dont work, cant play the game :(

Sorry for the trouble! Please fill in a Support ticket here so our team can look into the issue for you:


Exploration was fun although the worlds felt largely empty. Combat was super cool although shallow. Overall a fun time not amazing

Excellent game design! All new mechanics were taught to me thoroughly before asking me to defeat a boss with them. Music and artwork inspired an amazing flow state. Thora's overarching story kept me interested between play sessions. Nothing short of a masterpiece, well done!

Love the game. :) But just a heads up for the devs... When downloading the game for the first time, if you off the bat click "Continue" instead of "New Game", it seems to take you to a save where the game is completed.


I played this game using Windows 11, and I find the keyboard control not so fluid. For example: there is a slight pause after an axe chop.


my mac said it cant be downloaded. cant verify it doesnt have malware

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This is a top down action adventure in which you set out to kill gigantic norse gods. The atmosphere and variety of environemts to explore is fantastic and even if the combat mechanics feel a bit slow, the game is thoroughly enjoyable to explore and overcome. The boss fights especially feel like proper highlights that might require you to retry them a few times. Due to the constant new ideas in the levels, the game stays fresh throughout its runtime, despite having a relatively slow pace. Utterly fantastic to thoroughly sink into a different world if you are willing to let the games atmosphere sink its teeth into you. 4/5

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